TAR Talent Management is a boutique talent management agency, a division of The Actors Room Entertainment Consulting and TV/Film Production Company. TAR is an elite establishment with a focused and determined agenda, your success.

TAR Represents a Limited Roster.

An exclusive approach is key to achieving the expectation:

Individual Needs

Creative Planning

Defined Strategy

Protecting Interest

Meeting Goals

Personable Attention

It’s our philosophy that actors must believe in their own success and treat their craft as a thriving business. Our clients must have a purpose beyond “fame and fortune” but also desire a voice for constructive and productive change. An artist pursuing a career in the entertainment industry, ultimately placing them in the limelight, should stand for something.

Our working standard supports a system that advocates and fights for our clients’ interests and ultimately produces happy, healthy, accomplished professionals, who meet their goals with talent and dignity intact. TAR Talent Management is pleased to represent all individuals without bias.

"I admire an actor that knows what they want and has the courage to rise to the challenge."
Steven G. Lowe
Founder - Talent Manager