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Estevan Flores

Hi, I’m Estevan! My friends call me Izzy. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me. I love to act because it allows me to express my adventurous and charismatic nature in a way that can inspire others and foster positivity among those around me. I look forward to exploring new opportunities to further my skills and advance my craft.


Estevan Flores was born in Los Angeles, California. Growing up so close to Hollywood, he has had an interest in acting from a very young age and began studying film as early as high school. Estevan has been involved in several television and film productions, music videos and movie promos working on screen as well as behind the scenes. Estevan is currently training at the world-renowned The Actors Room with Steven G. Lowe, where he continues to pursue his lifelong passion. He has never been afraid of taking on newer and more diverse projects in order to challenge himself and better his skills. He is committed to refining his craft through focused initiative, hard work and professionalism. In his free time Estevan loves to spend time at the beach, traveling, and staying active with fitness. He is of Filipino, Latin American, French and German descent.

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Kimberlyn Lofton

Hello, and welcome to my page! My name is Kimberlyn, but you can call me Kimba. I'm hardworking, high octane, and my dog thinks I'm pretty amazing. For as long as I can remember, acting has always been the number one way I was able to express myself. I've always enjoyed meeting new people, sharing new adventures, and playing dress up. To me, acting is more than just make believe. It is the way to tell a story that can influence lives around the world- and can one day give me a voice to bring awareness to charitable organizations and impact communities in a positive way. I want to be the person a young girl somewhere can connect to and be motivated by. I want to be an inspiration.


Kimberlyn was born July 16, 1997, and raised in Whittier, California. At a young age she discovered a love of performing through cheerleading. She further developed that passion by joining theater...and it was off to the races. Kimba's commitment to acting continues to grow. With a true drive to reach her screen acting goals, she is willing to work as hard as it takes to make it a reality. Kimba currently trains at The Actors Room under renowned personalization coach, Steven G. Lowe, is self submitting, and consistently searching for new project opportunities. ​ In her spare time, Kimba likes to play with her dog (or any animal that looks like it needs love), rock climbing, hiking, tumbling, hanging out at Disneyland with friends, and always learning a new skill- like surfing.

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Sam Roark

From the time I could talk I have acted and entertained my family and once I learned to walk it only got better! Being an actor is all I have ever wanted to be. Acting gives me an opportunity to explore my talents, meet amazing people and what better way than doing what I love. My hopes and dreams is to make a difference in people’s lives as I pursue my dream to come true.


Sam Roark was born December, 1997 in West Covina, California. He became very ill the day after his birth and almost died twice, so needless to say, he is glad to be here! On his spare time when he isn't acting, Sam enjoys going to the gym, food, traveling, hanging out with friends, and hip-hop dancing. He continues to diligently train at The Actors Room, always striving to master his craft.

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Savannah Cruz

Hello my name is Savannah - my dog Maverick sends his love. I'm pretty easy going... but my passion for life runs deep. I enjoy learning and exploring - growing up I wanted to be everything under the sun. I found acting, and it allowed me to be "everything under the sun". Acting has changed my life and I want to use any success and accomplishment I earn to change the lives of others. I aspire to inspire creativity in others while working hard for my dreams just as others have inspired me. I'm so grateful to all that have helped me get where I am today.


Savannah Alexis Pilovsky Cruz is a Puerto Rican-European-American actor. She was born December 18,1995 to Kristen Gutierrez and Michael Cruz in Whittier, California along with her twin brother Josh Cruz. Savannah took to sports at a young age excelling at anything with a ball. When she isn't expanding her craft at the world renowned The Actors Room, she spends her free time reading superhero comics, writing, playing with her three year old nephew, hanging with friends, and listening to indie and old rock music.

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Mandy Powers

Welcome, I appreciate you stopping by! I've loved the art of story telling and using my imagination since I was a very young girl. I'm a vivacious, passionate and adventurous artist. Hard work doesn't scare me, it encourages me to challenge myself all the more. Acting allows me the fun opportunity to connect with my character and entertain people all over the world. I aspire to touch hearts and inspire others. Making a difference in someone’s life is important and that matters to me deeply.


With a love of grace and art, Mandy has been classically trained in Ballet en pointe and the latin flare of Argentine Tango. With a special place in her heart for Hollywood’s Golden Age and musicals, Mandy was led to be vocally trained as a Mezzo Soprano. Mandy continues perfecting her film and television craft at the highly acclaimed The Actors Room with renowned coach Steven G. Lowe. Studies include: monologue, scene study, improv, audition technique, commercial, character development, etc. Mandy has recently worked in a couple of short films, cast in the lead role of, "Crazy Routine", and "Date Fight". Please see her IMDb for more accomplishments. When she's not working on her acting Mandy is selling real estate in Long Beach, California, kickin' back with her Pomeranian "Cookie", and spending valuable time with friends and family. Whenever possible, Mandy volunteers her time to causes that are dear to her heart, such as Pin Ups for Vets, Feeding the homeless, and meeting with other female entrepreneurs.

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Mark Ulloa

Hey there! My name is Mark and I am a very enthusiastic and lovable guy! I like to inspire others and meet new people. When I was little, I would entertain anyone by creating silly improvs whether it was in school, at home, or with my dog! Acting allows me to create a positive impact on others, make people laugh, travel, and build great relationships. There's nothing more fun, creative or rewarding than acting (to me). A great story and an amazing character can shape the world and change lives.


Mark Anthony Ulloa is a Latino actor of Central and South American heritage. He was born on July 9th, 1998 in West Covina, California. When he was younger, he participated in a variety of sports: Boxing, Soccer, Tae kwon Do, Football, and Basketball. Although, above all, he's always had a passion for acting and is determined to make a difference, and to put his big smile on the big screen. Mark is currently working hard to perfect his craft at The Actors Room, under the coaching of Steven G. Lowe. In his free time, Mark enjoys being adventurous, reading, writing, hanging with friends, and spending time at the beach. Mark can be seen in several short films and commercials, booking lead roles in "Duct Tape Cape", "Bleacher Breakup" and "Poolside Betrayal". Please see his IMDb for more accomplishments.

Jordan Sanders

Hi I'm Jordan Sanders, I very much appreciate you taking the time to get to know me. Acting for me is an art form that requires every fiber of my being to be engaged. I love to give it my guts and allow vulnerability to have full effect. Acting is intense, courageous and challenging – that's why I do it.


Born in Los Angeles, Jordan Sanders has been pursuing the performing arts for over a decade. Starting his love for the arts with music, he decided to follow in his father's footsteps of being an actor. Jordan receives training at world renown The Actors Room with Steven G. Lowe as well as Transformation Artists with Juilliard grad Diane Venora. As credited on IMDb, Jordan has recently starred in "Desperate Search", "Hard to Say Goodbye", and "A Brothers Kingdom". The experience of story telling through film has captured his heart, and he eagerly goes after the next adventure to tell.

Berlin Pinedo

Hi, I'm Berlin and welcome to my page! I want to be known for inspiring a generation, and I can't think of a better way to do it than acting. I've had a love and passion for acting since I was a little girl but it wasn't until recently I was blessed to become a part of The Actors Room, where I got to challenge myself and develop my craft for the art of acting. It's time for that little girl's dream to come true. And I'm determined to work as hard as it takes to make that happen.


Berlin Pinedo was born on August 11, 1999 in the lovely city of Pasadena, California. Berlin grew up watching Disney movies, dressing up and playing with her princess toys, dreaming that one day it would be her turn to stretch the imaginations of children and entertain millions around the world. In 2006, she became a big sister and finally had a best friend to play with. Berlin is outgoing and enjoys making her family and friends laugh. Seeing those around her smile makes her happy. Berlin currently attends The Actors Room where she's studying character development, monologue, improv, scene study, and audition techniques. In her free time she loves going to Disneyland, eating a variety of foods, relaxing at the beach, and exploring areas of California she's never been. Berlin has recently appeared in several short film productions, "Bleacher Breakup", "Clive's Goodbye", and recently "Veteran Advice". Please see her IMDb for more accomplishments.

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Bryan Zuvic

Hello, my name is Bryan, thanks for visiting! I love the art of acting. From a very young age, it’s been my passion. Acting has always been a way for me to use my imagination and express my creative side. Every time I act I’m Living my dream and getting closer to my goals. I know that dreaming alone won’t get it done- acting has allowed me to discover that anything is possible through hard work and dedication. I’m not a quitter, I believe in myself. One day I hope to use my talent to entertain others and use my voice to make life a little bit better for everyone.


Bryan James Zuvic was born March 27, 2002. He currently resides in Anaheim Hills California. He has 1 super smart sister and two loving, very proud parents. Bryan discovered his love for acting at a young age by writing short stories and comics, then gathering the family around to watch him perform. Bryan stays current with his training by attending the world renowned The Actors Room where he puts in hours of scene study, improv, monologue, character development, audition training, and much more. Bryan has been recently cast in 1 comedic and 1 dramatic short film (listed on IMDb). Bryan is known by his family and friends for his hard working attitude and dedication for school, leadership in soccer, and inspirational acting talent. He never backs down from a challenge. Bryan recently signed with TAR Talent Management where he is managed by Steven G. Lowe. Bryan fills his off time by spending it with those he loves and watching movies, a ton of movies.

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Pauline Allen

Pauline Allen started her training with AMTC (Actors, Models, Talent for Christ). Through their program and their Shine Finale in Florida, she received the award for the overall outstanding female lifestyle model and actress in the category, age 30 and above. She then attained her manager and agent. She is currently studying with the renowned acting coach, Steven G. Lowe, at The Actors Room in Los Angeles.


Pauline’s Philosophy: Sassy at 60, Sensational at 70, Elegant at 80. She would love to encourage seniors to exercise to improve their health, to get off medication if possible, and for them to know that there is beauty at all ages. She would love to inspire seniors to live their life to the fullest. Pauline entered into Ms. Senior Orange County pageant and won! She is now Ms. Senior Orange County 2018. Having accomplished this goal Pauline was invited to enter the 2018 Ms. Senior California Pageant, where she placed 1st runner up and was voted by her peers Ms. Congeniality 2018. Pauline is working on publishing a children’s book series. She is currently seeking a partner to create a beautiful line of clothing for seniors, from bathing suits to evening gowns. One of Pauline’s greatest treasures is spending time with her children, grandchildren, siblings, or friends.